Rogue Trader Army

Warhammer 40K

Homebrew - Narrative Driven - Matched Play

This is a descriptive and visual presentation of my personal Rogue Trader army.  Although when all combined I could field enough units for a battle size beyond Onslaught, my gaming group and I will start by mainly playing Combat Patrol sized games.  I may never get a chance to field the entire army in a game.

At its core is the Blackstone Fortress characters, including those added through White Dwarf, and the Kill Team: Rogue Trader characters as well as Necromunda Dramatis Personae.  I've also added some other characters where I saw an excuse to.

  • In the Fluff tab you'll find my head-canon, including the levels of command within the motley army and their ships.  

  • In the Squads tab is how the army deploys.

  • In the Fiction tab are the official short stories, audio dramas, novellas and novels that contain characters from my Rogue Trader army.

Below is a list of the characters and what spurred the decision to add them.

Kill Team: Rogue Trader

Elucia Vhane

  Sanistasia Minst

Larsen van der Grauss

Knosso Prond


  Stromian Grell





Elucidian Starstriders

Another Rogue Trader joining

Vhane assumes command based on seniority

Blackstone Fortress

Janus Draik

Taddeus the Purifier

Espern Locarno

Pious Vorne

Rein Gaffer

  Raus Gaffer


Amallyn Shadowguide

Dahyak Grekh


Blackstone Fortress: Escalation

Neyham Shai Murad


Aradia Madellan

Gotfret de Montbard



White Dwarf: The Broggan Brothers

Dorg 'The Wall' Broggan

Gren 'Knuckles' Broggan

Official Astra Militarum addition


Nork Deddog

Astra Militarum named character

Brought by Vhane

(3rd ogryn in box with Broggan brothers)

Sly Marbo

Astra Militarum named character

Catachan 2nd Jungle Fighters with Deddog

Brought by Vhane


Severina Raine

Astra Militarum named character
Synergy with Aradia Madellan ability
Brought by Vhane

White Dwarf: Big Dakka For Hire

Skarburn Zapdakka

Official Ork addition

(brings 4 more Flash Gits in box)

White Dwarf: The Kiss of Death

The Kiss of Death

Official Harlequin addition

(I named the solitaire based on the article title)

White Dwarf: Unleash the Penitent

Penitent 707

Official Adepta Sororitas addition

(brings 9 more Arco-Flagellants in box)


Damien 1427

Adepta Sororitas character representing Endurant

Brought by Draxus

(included with the 9 more Arco-Flagellants)

White Dwarf: Sanctioned Carnage

Sylas Torq

Official Ordo Assassinorum addition

(Eversor from Execution Force)

Officio Assassinorum Vanguard Detachment

Klara Rhasc

Viktor Zhau

Noctus Kord

Other 3 Ordo Assassinorum assassins
(other Execution Force assassins)

Blackstone Fortress: Deadly Alliance

The Archivist


White Dwarf: Alien Intelligence

The Tinkerer

Official Inquisition addition

White Dwarf: Xenos Hunter

Quovis Vaerion

Official Space Marine addition

(Watch Master from Deathwatch: Cepheus story)

Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius

Ortan Cassius

Jensus Natorian

Vael Donatus

  Drenn Redblade

  Rodricus Grytt

  Ennox Sorrlock

  Zameon Gydrael

  Edryc Setorax

  Antor Delassio

  Garran Branatar

  Jetek Suberei

Kill Team Cassius from Deathwatch: Overkill

Brought by Vaerion

(Deathwatch: Ignition Space Marines)

Necromunda Dramatis Personae

Kal Jericho


Slate Merdena


Krotos Hark
Yar Umbra




Baertrum Arturos III

Apollus Kage

Grendl Grendlsen

Gor Half-Horn

Kria 'The Huntress' Kytoro

The Headsman

Eyros Slagmyst

Yolanda Skorn

The Deserter

Ostruum 8-8

Thaetos 23-2

Rattus Tatterskin

Grub 'Lumpy Nox' Targeson

Mad Dog Mono

Ragnir Gunnstein

Doctor Arachnos

Bigby Crumb

Dramatis Personae, brutes & hangers-on

Brought by Vhane

(I couldn't pass them up; characters wanted!)


Kyria Draxus

Inquisition named character joins chasing Necron

Accepts rogue trader command outside Imperium


Ephrael Stern

  Mensha Luyet-Kyganil

Adepta Sororitas & Harlequin named characters

Brought by Draxus


Illic Nightspear

Craftworld named character

Brought by Draxus

The Mercenary

Unofficial Drukhari addition

Brought by Draxus

(I named the Sslyth continuing the "The" theme)


Unofficial Craftworlds addition

Brought by Draxus

(Farseer from Nightspear story)

Kastelan Robots

Attendus VIII

Legionarius 6-Stenngra

Unofficial Adeptus Mechanicus addition

Brought by Draxus

(officially named Ever-Faithful Kastelan Robots)

Kastelan Robots
The Artificer

Brought by Draxus

(I named the Datasmith continuing the "The" theme)

(included in Kastelan Robots box)


Unofficial Tau Empire addition

(none of the current models fit the theme well, will wait for new Tau Empire character or auxiliary unit)